School Opening During Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear Parents & Carers,

As we navigate the testing times we are facing, its important that we keep all parents/carers up to date on the measures school is taking in order to keep pupils, staff, parents and carers safe, and to ensure we can continue to educate your children in a safe and effective manner. Below you will see some helpful information, as well as copies of our Key Points document and Risk Assessment.

These will be updated as needed, so do keep an eye on our website, newsletter and class dojo, where we will inform you of any changes or pertinent information.

Thanks for your continued support

Mr D Hemington


Health and Safety Executive Covid-19 Inspection

Please see below the letter we received following an inspection of schools procedures and set up for opening during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Dear Mr Hemington,

Thank-you for the time dedicated to my visit today (11/11/20) I really enjoyed my visit to St John Fisher & Thomas More; it was great to meet some of the team and observe your pupils.

It was very beneficial to talk directly to Mrs Chesterton & Mr Coughlan, as staff representatives.

It was interesting to hear about how you and your staff have all worked together, to ensure that both staff and pupils remain as safe as possible.

Having read your well thought out risk assessment and associated documents in advance, the visit gave me an opportunity to see your COVID controls in action.

I was impressed by the very significant changes you have devised and implemented


 class and thus staffing restructure,
 the use of all available space to ensure effective curriculum delivery,
 installation of additional outdoor washing facilities,
 spacing of cloakroom pegs,
 highly effective means of segregating bubbles/pods,

This is to mention just a few.

A wide range of well thought out control measures have been implemented and also reviewed on a regular basis. It was interesting to discuss some of the specific challenges you have faced, learning points that you have identified and subsequent changes made on the basis of these.

Pupils are clearly aware of the new expectations and work within them. You demonstrated that you have followed all the relevant government guidance for the different aspects of the school operation


 staggered timetabling
 keeping of children in distinct groups,
 cleaning,
 ventilation,
 elimination of non-essential visitors to site,
 effective use of outside space,
 social distancing where appropriate,
 use technology to assist communication.

In summary, I am confident that you and the team are compliant with the current guidelines and have made suitable and sufficient ‘risk based’ decisions, weighing up all available options, in your particular circumstances. When walking around the school, it was evident that control measures were embedded.

As guidance evolves and we all better understand the risks associated with the different potential routes of transmission, you will no doubt review, update and adapt your assessments.

You have robust systems in place for dealing with suspected or confirmed cases of CV-19 as and when they are, unfortunately, encountered.

These are effectively investigated to understand the route of infection and measures required to prevent further transmission (if applicable).

I have raised no concerns with you that need to be addressed. Should you have any queries or concerns in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you once again for your time.

Jane Carroll – HM Inspector of Health and Safety



Attendance at school is now mandatory. All children are expected to come to school.

An adult must accompany each child to and from school. Therefore no children need to bring a mobile phone to school.

Please arrive promptly at your gate. All parents have already been informed of this information. A reminder will be sent via Class Dojo the day before your start date.

Parents must not enter the school site without an appointment.

Children must wear school uniform.

Children will be asked to wash their hands before and after each session using the outdoor sinks provided. Hand sanitising stations are also available at the entrance to each classroom.

Children are NOT required to wear a face covering in school. Parents/carers will be asked to take them home on arrival.

Children will be asked to come to school in their PE kit on the day of their PE lesson (White T shirt and school jumper, Hoodie or Fleece; plain blue or black shorts; plain blue or black tracksuit bottoms; trainers)

Children should not attend school if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

Parents/carers are expected to inform school of their absence and to arrange to get a test.

If a child is unwell in school and showing COVID-19 symptoms, they will be taken to the ‘sick bay’ and parents will be contacted immediately. Please make sure we have up to date phone numbers.


All children will have a packed lunch. Reception & KS1 pupils will be provided with a packed lunch by school. Those KS2 pupils eligible for Free School Meals will also receive a school packed lunch. All other pupils have the option to either bring a packed lunch from home or pay for a school meal.

There will be no breakfast or after school clubs. An adult is expected to pick up their child at the appropriate time.

Key Points

Covid-19 Risk Assessment – May Update

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