Activity 7: Equality in Sport


During the summer term, the after-school physical education targeted girls only. The chosen sports were not stereotypical sports that are usually taken up by girls, so this enabled them to experience sports they would not usually be exposed to.


In all year groups, the girls had the opportunity to take part in a girls-only golf club. Female fitness instructors were also brought in to coach other sports for both boys and girls. Some of the boys really enjoyed taking part in activities they wouldn’t usually sign up for e.g. dance.



Pupil voice – Golf


Sports day was held in the Summer term and equality in sport was a main focus for this event. Every child took part in the activities and parents and carers were invited to share the experience.


1) Equality in sport was also discussed within the classroom. Our Year 4 children researched women’s football in Africa and created a presentation to show their findings.

ADD IMAGES: Year 4 Women’s sport in Africa work


2) In Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, the children learnt about famous female sports people such as Emma Raducanu, Rebecca Adlington, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Paula Radcliffe. They found out where they are from and why they are an inspiration to other women in the sporting world. These were presented to the whole school in an assembly.




3) In Year 5 and Year 6, the children explored sports that are usually stereotyped according to gender e.g. ballet for girls, football for boys etc. The children discussed if boys can do ballet or girls can play football. They talked about how girls could be better at football or boys could be better at ballet. Additionally, the children researched whether girls and boys can play in mixed teams or whether it is always single sex teams. In subsequent lessons, the children studied the history of women in sport. They found out when women were first able to take part in competitions and which sports they were able to compete in. They researched if there are any sports that women can still not partake in today and discovered the reasons for this. The children also took part in a debate on women and sport.

Sportswoman Assembly