Activity 8: World Recipe Book


As a school, we’ve had thematic lunches each term. The children have also been tasting a variety of foods and cuisines from around the world.

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1) Reception took part in food technology activities such as making gingerbread people, hedgehog bread and salad kebabs. This provided them with basic cooking skills and culinary knowledge.

Ginger Bread People

Hedgehog Bread

Salad Kebabs



2) Year 1 and Year 2 learnt about Manchester for their local area study in geography. They looked at foods that are traditional to Manchester such as the Manchester tart and Eccles cakes. The children sampled both of these foods and wrote a recipe for a Manchester tart after making it themselves.


3) As part of the curriculum, the children in Year 3 and 4 learnt about where food comes from. They explored healthy eating and a balanced diet which also linked to P.E and science topics. They then made their own healthy packed lunches to show a greater awareness of healthy eating and ways in which we can make small, positive changes to our lifestyle.


In Year 5, the children about Italy in geography lessons. As part of their curriculum, the children learnt about the different types of flours and how to make the perfect dough. They also learnt about yeast and the different ways in which it can be used. The children then

designed and made their own pizzas before writing their own set of instructions for our school recipe book.


In Year 6, the children learnt about Brazil and the Amazon. They studied the culture and food of the Amazon and South America. They explored bread made by the Amazonians and followed various recipes. They also compared the Amazonian bread to the types that we eat in the UK, considering the differences and similarities between them. Following this topic, the children made traditional Brazilian bread.


After filling our recipe book with all our recipes, we sent it to our partner school in South Africa for them to use and make our recipes. We also encouraged them to give us feedback and asked them to send recipes for their own traditional dishes. They loved our book and said they would try out some of our recipes. They told us that they enjoy plantain, spiced rice and sweet potatoes.