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Purpose of Study

At St John Fisher and St Thomas More RC Primary, our intention is to provide a high quality Mathematics education which develops an understanding of the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity.

All children are encouraged to be independent learners, who are ready for the next stage of their educational journey. In addition, children are taught to have mathematical fluency and an understanding of different types of reasoning. Each year group works towards the National Curriculum objectives using a mastery problem solving approach – this ensures that pupils have the opportunity to achieve a greater level of understanding.

Strong communication skills are encouraged as children work alongside peers to reason, explain and justify their thinking using mathematical vocabulary. All pupils have the opportunity to access their year group objectives and develop the skills that are required for their age group. Pupils are taught to: make connections, identify patterns and draw conclusions about Mathematical concepts and problem solving.


Our curriculum is designed to prioritise the mastery of conceptual Maths understanding through the use of real life/ everyday problems as children explore and investigate. Mathematics is essential for everyday life and understanding our world. It enables the development of pupils’ natural ability to think logically and solve puzzles and real-life problems.

Pupils learn to think creatively and make links between mathematical concepts through exploring: Place Value; Calculations; Fractions, Decimals and Percentages; Measurements; Word Problems; Ratio and Proportions; Algebra; Area and Perimeter; Geometry and Statistics. By following a spiral curriculum, our pupils are able to revisit a topic, theme or subject several times throughout their school journey. The complexity of the topic or theme increases with each revisit, but new learning has a relationship with old learning and is put in context.

At SS John Fisher and Thomas More, we take a mastery approach to teaching Mathematics. We use the DfE approved scheme: Maths – No Problem! This has been inspired by the performance of children in Singapore and other Southeast Asian nations and uses high quality, well-researched textbooks.

Maths Curriculum Statement


Reception Scheme of Work

KS1 & KS2 Schemes of Work

Mathematic Progression of Skills