Activity 5: Sustainable Foods


During the Autumn term, the whole school collected food for the harvest and donated it to a local food bank. The children learnt about the importance of distributing food fairly and ensuring there is enough for everyone.

ADD IMAGES: Food bank delivery & Harvest collection photos


During the Spring term, we made use of the green space and gardens in our school grounds. Each year group planted seeds to grow vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes and lettuce.


1) In Year 1, the children learnt about locally produced foods and visited a local farm.


2) Year 2 children learnt about organic foods and where food comes from. They discussed why organic foods are beneficial and collected a variety of organic fruit from local shops and supermarkets. They took part in a shop role-play scenario during maths lessons which linked to their topic on money. They also made an organic fruit salad and wrote a recipe for this.

3) In Year 3 and Year 4, the children learnt about how to eat more sustainably. They discussed how they could substitute favourite animal-based meals for plant-based meat, egg, or dairy alternatives or buy ‘wonky’ and ‘ugly’ produce. The children visited a local shop to look at plant-based foods as well as ‘wonky’ and ‘ugly’ foods. Through doing so, the children increased their understanding about how changing the way we eat impacts the future of our planet.


As a whole-school project, the children took part in a number of activities from the Plant2Plate organisation. They learnt about what can be done to produce and consume food in a sustainable way that is less harmful to our planet and also healthier for us.