Breakfast Club

This is primarily to support those parents that are working and need to use this service for childcare.

Breakfast Club will be open from 8am

  • Parents/Carers MUST ‘sign in’ and ensure that children are handed over safely to the staff.
  • The cost of the ‘child care’ facility will be £1 per day, which must be paid at to the member of staff on the door. This price does include breakfast.
  • Children will be expected to follow the school ‘golden rules’. Any children who fail to keep to these rules may be excluded from attending.
  • The register for child care will close at 8:30am. No children will be admitted after this time unless accompanied by an adult.

The charge is capped at £3 per family.

Breakfast will still be served from 8:00am – 8:40am, and will still be priced at 60p for any children who want it and are accompanied by a parent/carer.

Playground Bagels

As a part of the ‘Fuel for Learning’ initiative, we provide every child in school a free bagel each morning. These are all around school, and are distributed by staff members as the children come into class. These remain available throughout the morning for any pupils that arrive late for school.