Good attendance at primary school is vitally important for a good education.  It is therefore very important that your child attends school every day and is ready to enter school at 8:50am.

The daily register for attendance is taken each morning and afternoon.  Children arriving after 9.05am are entitled to a late mark. Children arriving after 9.30am will record an unauthorised absence.

A telephone call is required from home on the first day of absence.  A letter is required if a child is absent from school for more than one day. Any unexplained absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

Parents wishing to remove children from school for a family holiday should make a request in writing to the Headteacher beforehand.

Holidays in term time should be avoided. All holidays requests should be made by filling in the appropriate form available from the school office, or download this PDF document.

Application form for you to request permission for your child to be absent from school  during term time. Before completing the application form, please read the notes at the beginning of the form carefully…..

“The law states that you  do not have the right  to take your child out of school for  holidays  during  term  time.  Any  absences  due  to  holidays  will  be unauthorised unless there are very exceptional circumstances.”

“If you wish to take your child  “out of school”  during  term time, you must apply for permission in writing using the attached form. Permission for authorised leave of absence will only be granted in very exceptional circumstances……”