Wythenshawe Catholic Academy Trust

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The Wythenshawe Catholic Academy Trust (WCAT) is a Shrewsbury Diocesan Multi Academy Trust (MAT) which, at present, consists of a family of three primary schools:

and one secondary school:

About Diocesan Multi Academy Trusts

The creation and operation of a MAT formalises the collaboration between schools in a family of schools. It requires a single Board of Directors (Executive Committee) for the group of schools. This single Board/Committee is made up of Governors/Directors from each school and works in the interests of the whole group. Each school retains its own identity (and Headteacher/Principal) and budget. Each school has its own Local Governing Body (LGB). There is no requirement that an academy should have a Local Authority (LA) Governor but schools can choose to have a Community Governor. In a MAT the LGB would have a majority of Foundation Governors appointed by the Bishop (upon recommendation of the Parish Priest as now). The Board of Directors (Executive Committee) would also have a majority of Foundation Governors. The schools in the MAT decide and agree between them how much responsibility and control is to be taken on by the Board of Directors (Executive Committee).

Initially, in our trust, this was kept to a minimal level to fulfil the Board’s (Committee’s) responsibilities as the overall employer of staff, the admission authority for pupil places and responsible for preparing and submitting the Trust’s accounts. As our Trust becomes more confident the schools may choose to undertake more activity centrally through the Board of Directors (Executive Committee). Each school retains its own budget but the LGBs may choose to allocate funds for certain joint projects. To date the WCAT has employed specialist staff to work across schools in the group such as a Social Worker and 2 Lay Chaplains. There are also strong networks in place such as those supporting work in Special educational Needs, Safeguarding, Senior Leadership, Finance and Assessment. This work is developing all the time…

Wythenshawe Catholic Academy Trust Documents

Wythenshawe Catholic Academy Trust Information

Governors report & accounts August 2017

Master Funding Agreement (March 2013)

Memorandum & Articles of Association (March 2013)

Governors’ Report & Audited Accounts (August 2016)

WCAT Scheme of Delegation

WCAT Data Protection Policy

Declarations of pecuniary interest

Attendance at meetings 2016-17

Contact Details for Multi Academy Trust:

Address: Firbank Road, Newall Green, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 2YS

Local authority: Manchester City Council

Website: https://www.wcatrust.info/

Phone: 0161 499 0000